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Ours solutions

1. Dedicated software
   a. Mobile applications
   b. Reporting tools
   c. e-commers dedicated systems, integration with accounting systems,order service systems and production systems.
   d. Document circulation systems and workflow
   e. Business processes support and optimization
2. Barcode service systems implementation
3. ERP systems adjustment and implementation
   a. Integration and development
   b. Implementation of Apache OFBiz (http://ofbiz.apache.org/) and Anakonda (http://rs-anakonda.org/)
4. Teams and experts outsourcing
5. Virtualization technologies
   a. Vmware
   b. Cloud Foundry
   c. Microsoft Azul

Dedicated program, application to order, programming to order, software writing. Is this worth investing? We may assume that software solving all business problems has already been written. For example, if we need a webstore, we only need to find a free, ready one on the internet, install it and start using. Nothing more wrong. Perhaps such a solution could work for a company owning a dozen product positions, one supplier and a few clients. But as the company develops, the number of products grows and more clients come, the time required to complete an order starts to be a serious cost. Additionally, many errors occur out of manual data input into accounting systems and courier service software. Servicing time becomes longer, so more clients are unsatisfied, and they will probably choose the competitor next time. And real problems begin when traditional sale is simultaneous with internet sale. Tasks that were simple so far, like storage balance data synchronization or internet offer update, become impossible to complete. Not mentioning the phones and emails with questions about order state, requests of order change, delivery address modification etc. Order servicing becomes more and more time-consuming, so there is less time to complete them. Those are typical processes, that may be rather simple to optimize, by creating dedicated software. We can find a large amount of situations where ready software will not be a good solution.

Virtualization is a model providing access to reconfigurable multi-user resources like servers, applications or platforms, with a maximum simplification of activation procedure. The resources are available always when they are needed. It also lets us process a large amount of data in a virtual environment with big calculation force, with expenditure reduced to actual resource usage scale.

The costs of services provided in a virtual environment are regulated according to pay-per-use model, measured for calculation force, used processor work time units, disk capacity etc. Settlement system is estimated proportionally to actual rate of used resources exploitation, so it reflects real operating expenditure.

In effect, a company that has decided to move their infrastructure into a virtual environment, puts their capital in a hosting machine with an incomparable larger capacity and calculating potential, instead of investing in installation and implementation of their own IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, the final cost of processing decreases, financial liquidity advances and calculation activity becomes much more available.

SoftProject is a partner of ATM Systemy Informatyczne SA – a company providing high quality services based on Cloud Computing - the so called “Cloud” - an implementation of virtual environment, part of which may be used for company’s needs, instead of investing in creation of own physical infrastructure. Purchase of servers, net infrastructure or software – this is only a minor part of costs related to IT infrastructure creation and maintenance. There are also major costs like current equipment maintenance, administration services, electricity and draining off heat. Moving the infrastructure into a cloud, we move the responsibility for it’s maintenance and availability to the Cloud Computing provider.

As a partner of VMWare and Microsoft, we have competences and possibility to implement virtual technologies and to create a private cloud – virtual infrastructure for those most demanding.