Implemented projects

  • UKE, Wniosek Elektroniczny

    UKE - Electronic application forms .

    The mobile application and the desktop allows applicating a form to the Office of Electronic Communications. The project wal also ment to provide validation mechanisms, net services and application form transfers.

  • Lilou Konfigurator iPad

    Lilou - order configuration for iPad

    Mobile application, which allows to compose own jewelry from available elements and make an engraver.

  • DHL Global Trading, aplikacja mobilna

    DHL Quote'N'Go Mobile

    Automation system for freight evaluation, workflow and document managing,integration with calculators.

  • DMH Consumer Tests

    DMH Consumer Tests

    DMH Consumer Tests platform is a unique system dedicated to consument test and sampling actions service.

  • ChartSearch SaaS

    ChartSearch SaaS

    ChartSearch is an analytic platform, revolutionising the way our corporate clients work with statistical and numerical data. It makes analysing so simple as searching for data via internet. The product is a technology patented in the USA.

  • DMH Recruitment Online

    DMH Recruitment Online

    DMH Recruitment Online is an innovative dedicated for Online recruitment service in medium-sized and big enterprises.

  • Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa Carrare Desktop

    NID Carrare Desktop

    A system collecting data about antiquities, implemented within the European Carrare project, at National Heritage Institute's request.

  • Lilou OnLineShop

    Lilou OnLineShop Desktop

    Complex tool automating the process of servie and order implementation in the Lilou web shop. It integrates the account-store application, web shop software and DHL consignment notes printing system.

  • Lilou Raporting Dashboard

    Lilou Raporting Dashboard

    A platform generating intuitive grafic reports of the account-store system in real-time, visualisating the sales and store status.

  • Lilou Raporting Dashboard

    System lokalnej karty płatniczej

    Projekt realizowany dla Centrum Technologii Banków Spółdzielczych, to kompletny system obsługujący płatności przedpłacaną, lokalną kartą debetową, oferujący wypłaty z bankomatów, presonalizowanie karty i drukowanie kodów PIN.

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Clients about us

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Office of Electronic Communications
The application was finished quickly, without problems, and on time. The co-operation was very pleasent, communication between companies was active and practical.
During the project implementation, we could count on active co-operation from SoftProject, they also had their own initiative giving us various solutions.