Our Team

Adrian Lapierre
  • Team director, he managed the polish section of ChartSeatch INC from the beginning of it’s existence. Adrian has 16 years of experience as a programmer, an architect and team leader. He lectures on IT systems designing, programming and managing a project/project team at the Altkom Akademia, one of the biggest polish IT training academies. His first big project was establishing the Claim Settlement System for PZU S.A. (the very first and biggest polish insurance company) which was highly usable for the last 10 years and still is today. He is also the first architect of the chartsearch.net system, where he created specification of the meta-language describing DSML databases. United with Procreation interactive agency and Digital Media House group, he was involved in successful co-operation with companies like Orange, Colgate-Palmolive, the National Heritage Institute and recently – the Office of Electronic Communications. Adrian is currently managing a solid team of 14 specialists: programmers, analysts and administrators, in a project for ChartSearch INC.
Leszek Bednorz
Project Manager
  • Starting from PZU S.A., Leszek gained his experience by designing Claim Settlement System (among other applications for this company) along with Adrian Lapierre. He also teaches IT technologies (JAVA, SPRING, HIBERNATE) and programming engineering (Testing Management, Object Oriented Analyze and Design, UML), by giving lectures at the Altkom Akademia. In ChartSearch INC, apart from JEE programming and directing the main ChartSearch project team, Leszek was involved in managing, designing and implementation of the systems for National Heritage Institute (due to the CARARE project) and for the Office of Electronic Communications.
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
Architect, project manager
  • Grzegorz was into engineering IT systems for the last 10 years. He gained his qualifications by building complex, innovative systems used in banking (transaction systems) , industry and analytic processing in companies (Business Intelligence). Among other things, he designed a “multiplayer” platform for mobile applications, vehicle localization system, bank system components, or advanced analytic system components. He designs and coordinates complex projects of mass data processing, including even the creation and use of M2M devices, as well as traditional mobile devices. Currently, Grzegorz is the main architect of the ChartSearch project, managing a team of 5-10 developers.
Piotr Knapczyk
Designer, developer of user interfaces
  • Since 2002 Piotr spent 4 years working for Pro-Creation/Digital Media House as a Flash/PHP developer. He also co-operated with Colormultimedia, a company from Sydney, creating internet systems using Flex and PHP 4.0/PHP 5.0, and with TVN, one of the main names in polish television, making interactive service applications in Adobe Flex/Flash. In Chartsearch he creates applications and components in Flex and JAVA, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Michał Szaniawski
Lider of testers and analitics
  • Michał has shown himself as a very talented analyst and tester. He is responsible for implementing the test managing tool, and integrating it with bug tracker, analyzing the business specification, managing and processing tests on different levels, reporting and managing defects, analyzing problems reported by the client, and contacting all programmers.
Marcin Adamski
Senior developer
  • Marcin has gained a doctoral degree in technical science – IT programming, on a technical university in Bialystok. He was also co-operating with Discovery Sp. z o.o. and the Court of Appeal in Bialystok. He is a Chartsearch worker from 2006. He designs and implements the software.
Sebastian Łukasiewicz
Senior JAVA/J2EE developer
  • Sebastian has 16 years of varied experience in programming for many companies and as a freelancer. After a rather long period in Internet Services s.c. as a programmer and administrator, he was mainly connected to Pro-Creation and Chartsearch, designing and creating CRM/CMS systems in JAVA and PHP, and working on a big system of data analysis, including applications supporting this system in JAVA/JavaEE/JAVA SWING.
Rafał Cugowski
Senior JAVA/J2EE developer
  • His experience starts in a company named Altar Sp. z o.o. where he created and modified application functionality in C language, and solved any problems with the applications. Rafał was later connected with Digital Media House group, where he focused on Java programming, analyzing and solving problems and client contact – discussing the application. That is also what he is responsible for in Chartsearch.
Grzegorz Chaś
Senior JAVA/J2EE developer
  • In 2000 Grzegorz started work as a C++ and JAVA programmer, until 2010 he cooperated mainly with Polish Science Akademy (where he was also active as a lecturer) and IBM Poland (focusing more on J2EE programming). From 2010 until now, Grzegorz is a part of Chartsearch, where he does Java programming, analyzing issues and contacts the client due to application discussion.
Piotr Puchta
Senior .NET developer
  • Piotr started with creating his own company – easyPoint, back in 2004. It was focused on designing and establishing web applications in PHP, .NET, and developing documentation. He is a part of Chartsearch Sp. z o.o. from 2011, where he works on integrating PHP system with outside applications in Java, using webservices. He is also responsible for preparing and editing data in Groovy language.
Andrzej Roszkowski
Senior JAVA/J2EE developer
  • Andrzej’s experience starts over 10 years ago in PolCard S.A. , the biggest polish payment card settlement centre, where he was a specialist in the Systems Progress Team and Payment Transaction Delivery Team. After 7 years Andrzej started work in Digital Media House, just like some of the previously mentioned persons, where he focused on Java programming. As a one-person company, he created projects for many other companies, with Chartsearch among others. He is also a lecturer at Altkom Akademia, where he instructs on Java SE, Java Spring and Java EE architecture.
Michał Koc
Senior PHP developer
  • Michał has his own business activity called PrimeBSD since 2000. He is highly specialised in creating data communication network infrastructure. He has also done projects for (among others) the Musem of Polish Army, a loyalty program for Toshiba Dream Team and various applications for Sanofi-Aventis. He co-operates with Wisegate Sp. z o.o. and Super-Fi Sp. z o.o. giving strategy support.
Maciej Stopa
  • Maciej started as an administrator at Warsaw Technical University (his own IT solutions appear to be most crucial in this job) and a system engineer at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. He is distinguished with varied abilities, as he gained his experience working for ATM S.A. until today. The large amount of certificates he gained speaks for itself.